Customer Feedback of The Next Level 🤍

The below feedback is word for word. Written by our beautiful customer Alana Hurse on the 3rd of July, 2021.

Luxurious, indulgent, divine
– just a few words I would use to describe Ever You silk pillowcases both prior to purchase and after purchase. What I didn’t expect - now I am a converted silk sleeper - is how soft yet durable these feel, smooth but not slippery and how much more rested I feel. And what affirms the accolades and praises I have, my husband is echoing these thoughts (in much more manly way)!

I debated for some years over investing in silk pillowcases but for one reason or another, I never did. My tired and wrinkly face stumbled upon Ever You  earlier this year and I was thrilled to find out this was an Aussie run small business – based right here in Queensland. After seeing the pillowcases in person there was no question as to whether I was buying – I was sold the moment my fingertips touched. My hair is now less knotty of a morning and whilst I know these promote reduced hair loss, unfortunately that ship has sailed for my husband so will not be able to attest to that!

If I could tell my 20yr old self to do something (there’d probably be a lot…) but one thing would be to invest in YOU and your body. These pillowcases are a worthwhile investment. Using face creams to help the aging process is somewhat defied when you then crease your face as you sleep; I do feel fresher in the mornings when I wake and unbelievably, both my husband and I feel our sleep has improved. The quality of product doesn’t beg question, design and aesthetics fit any decor and quite simply, they are just delicious to sleep upon!

Congratulations to Sarah from Ever You – we cannot wait to see your business grow!

Alana Hurse