Ever You | Luxury Silk Pillowcases

Are you time poor? As we age, it becomes increasingly more important to put a little extra effort into our self-care but sometimes we just don’t have the time. Taking small steps that we might not usually take can make all the difference. What if we can do this while we sleep?

Our high grade 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcases have multiple natural self-care benefits for you, your skin and hair, all while you sleep. Our silk is buttery soft with a luxurious weave, meaning your skin and hair glides across it rather than rubbing against it.

Our collection proudly boasts exclusive bespoke patterns, prints and silk piped finishing that will classically uplift and compliment your bedroom décor. Your skin, hair and home will receive a makeover all in one.

If you’re ready to take an extra step towards preserving and investing in your skin and hair, and you love your interiors, then our products are for you.

We welcome you to our story and look forward to you joining us on our journey into self-care, sleeping peacefully, aging gracefully, taking pride in our homes, and indulging ourselves in a little luxury, wherever possible.