Hydration hydration hydration 💦 Why is it so important to keep our skin hydrated?

Hydration hydration hydration. Why is it so important to keep our skin hydrated?

Answer: When your skin is well hydrated it is more supple, plump and most importantly, resilient.

Amongst other things, dry, dehydrated skin is more prone to wrinkles and fine surface lines due to shrinkage of cells in the top layer of the skin. The dry flaky cells on the surface also don’t reflect light as well, making the skin look dull, rough and unhealthy. Hydrated skin looks healthier, smoother and softer, and is more resilient to early aging and the elements.

Our Mulberry Silk Pillowcases and Mulberry Silk Sleep Masks assist to retain your natural hydration as they do not draw moisture from your skin when you sleep (unlike cotton or linen). This also means your night time face products stay where they should, and not on your pillowcase.

A mulberry silk pillowcase is an investment into your skin beauty and health regime.

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