What are the qualities of pure Mulberry Silk?

What are the qualities of our pure Mulberry silk? Here's a snapshot.

- it contains 18 essential amino acids
- it contains 'sericin' which is a natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal moisturiser
- it is a protein based natural fibre
- it is hypoallergenic
- odourless
- moisture wicking
- body temperature regulating
- hydrating and moisturising
- non-irritating
- resistant to mould and dust mites

Mulberry silk is perfect for even the most sensitive or acne-prone skin. Ours is buttery soft with a luxurious weave, so your skin and hair glides across it rather than rubs against it. Sleeping on our silk will ultimately assist to reduce and delay fine lines, wrinkles, sleep creases, redness, friction and hair breakage.

Investing in an Ever You Mulberry Silk Pillowcase and Silk Eye Mask or Sleep Mask is a step towards investing in your beauty regime. Your skin and hair will thank you for it.

Have sweet dreams on us xx