What do your lines and wrinkles say about you?

Your face tells your life’s journey. It’s also the place you wear your feelings. Each line has a story to tell and is a reflection of your personality or a character trait.

Let’s take a look at “Laser Away’s” reasons behind those little lines that have taken up, or are starting to take up, residency on our faces:

- Forehead Lines show that you are adventurous and love the outdoors.
- Crow’s Feet show that you are a hard-working individual that is fueled by curiosity.
- Laugh Lines show that you are very optimistic and look at the positive side of things. People enjoy being around you.
- Frown Lines show that you are stubborn and have a hard time letting things go. Stress often gets the best of you.
- Lip Lines show that you are a hopeless romantic. You love being around people and enjoy listening to music.

Of course, sun, aging, and facial expressions play the largest factors in your wrinkle fate. While you can’t stop aging, you can certainly use a high SPF sunscreen, limit sun exposure, and eliminate those negative facial expressions.

And of course, sleep on our silk pillowcases and silk sleep masks for some extra TLC 🤍

What does your face say about you?

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