Why Self Care Means Caring for Others

Proper self care allows you to properly care for others.  Wouldn't you agree?

Good sleep is essential to good health. If we get enough of it, we’re rewarded with some amazing benefits (such as better cognitive functionality, maximisation of daytime performance, general mental wellness, and so on).

Silk is the smoothest natural fibre on the planet and laying down on it not only lulls us into a beautiful, peaceful night’s sleep, but long-term it also assists with multiple self care benefits too, such as:

🤍slowing down fine lines and wrinkles (antiaging)
🤍boosting skin and hair hydration
🤍reducing skin redness, friction, hair frizz, tangles, hair breakage, bed hair, bed head and hair loss
🤍extending hairstyles and eyelash health
🤍preventing sleep creases

Sleeping on our silk pillowcases and silk sleep masks is a step towards taking care of yourself (and your family), and means you will be investing into the longevity and health of your skin and hair, all while you sleep.

Have sweet dreams on us xx

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